The electric lift desk does more than just let you work while standing!

In recent years, with the use of masks and other reasons, the concepts of working from home, standing and sitting alternately, and healthy office have been deeply rooted in people's hearts, and electric lift tables have become more and more popular. So is the electric lift table really just for you to work while standing? Please follow the editor to understand what is truly healthy office.

Stand and sit alternately, healthy office

Sitting for a long time is currently a high incidence of low back pain. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to avoid sitting for a long time. It is difficult for people to avoid sitting for a long time when they are busy working. The lift table can effectively not reduce people's work efficiency during the lifting process. At the same time, for people who sit for a long time, their work efficiency will decrease after sitting for a long time. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for people to develop the habit of standing and sitting alternately on a regular basis. The lifting process of the electric lift table makes people accustomed to standing and sitting alternately, making office efficiency higher.

The standing habit cultivated by the electric lifting table can increase people's daily consumption. According to the calorie calculator, people consume about 70 calories per hour when standing, which is about 293KJ, which is about 3.5% of the daily energy consumption of adults. Calculated based on standing for about 3 hours a day, this can consume about 10% more energy every day, which is more conducive to body shaping.

Correct sitting posture, healthy office

The upper body is straight, the shoulders are level, do not tilt or twist; the waist and back are straight, 90 degrees with the thighs, and the center of gravity of the head and waist is perpendicular to the ground. ; The two feet are slightly flat, not one in front and one behind. Do not let the waist hang in the air, so that the back against the seat has enough support to relieve the pressure on the lumbar spine.

Another function of the lifting table is that it can adapt to the physical conditions of different people, so that everyone can find the correct and suitable sitting posture to relieve the pressure on the lumbar spine.


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