Daily maintenance methods for electric lifting tables

As people in the workplace pay more and more attention to sub-health issues, they begin to use furniture to protect their health. Among them, electric lift tables are loved by many consumers. Today, let's learn about the daily maintenance methods of electric lift tables with the editor.

Electric lift tables contain electronic components. After a long time of use, some minor problems will inevitably occur. Daily maintenance must be done.

1. Check the operation of the lift regularly. If you find that the parts are loose or otherwise abnormal, you need to repair or replace them in time.

2. Electric lift tables cannot be placed outdoors for a long time. If they are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, it is easy to accelerate the aging of the lift. Once the aging is serious, the cost of replacing a new lift table will be relatively large.

3. You cannot directly rinse the table lift with water. If you use water, it will easily cause damage to the lift. If you want to clean the table, just wet it with a soft rag and wipe it.

4. Avoid overloading the electric lift table for a long time to avoid damaging the lift, which will affect the performance of the lift table.

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