Xinyi Electric Lift Table Customization Process

Xinyi was established in 2002 . In 2005, Xinyi start produce and export the standing desk products into EU market. It has been deeply engaged in the standing desk industry for more than 18 years. Over the years, it has served a lot of customers in global market. We have a professional manufacturing with automatic production lines such as motor assembly line, controller assembly line, auto laser cutting , robot welding and auto powder coating production lines, so that customers can obtain higher quality products and fast delivery.Today, I will show you the whole process of Xinyi’s customized smart lifting table.

1. Select the model

Lifting table models are mainly divided into hand-cranked lifting tables, single-motor lifting tables, dual-motor lifting tables and multi-motor lifting tables. The main difference is the difference in the drive form, the difference between manual mechanical and electric lifting tables, and users can choose according to their actual office needs.

2. Confirm the material

The material of the lifting table frame is basically cold-rolled steel in the industry, and the general difference is the thickness. This step requires users to choose the material of the desktop board. Common density boards, melamine boards, solid wood boards, rock boards, etc. are available on the market.

3. Confirm the shape

The lifting table desktop board, table legs, and table feet have different shapes, and users can choose according to their own aesthetic needs.

4. Special functions

The shapes of the lift table hand controller are also diverse. Generally, the shapes serve the functions. Users can choose 2-4 levels of memory function, whether to have resistance rebound, etc.

5. System Solution

When decorating the office as a whole, Aomei provides a lift table system solution that integrates lift tables, power systems, lockers, table and chair linkage, etc. Users can choose according to their actual situation.

6. Use of lift table accessories

When using a lift table, it is recommended that you use it with special accessories to make office work more handy. For example, desktop power supply, wireless charging, desktop sound-absorbing screen, under-desk computer stand, monitor stand, etc. Users can purchase as needed.

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