What should I do if the electric lift table cannot be raised?

Xinyi focuses on the research and development, production and customization of smart office furniture, and has been providing high-quality lifting table products to users. However, the electric lifting table may not be able to rise during use. What should I do if the electric lifting table cannot be raised? Does it need repair? The following editor will introduce the solution to the lifting table not being able to rise.

1. The child lock mode of the lifting table is locked

The hand control screen displays "LOC", which means that the electric lifting table has entered the child lock mode. Long press the M key to unlock it and restore the normal lifting table.

2. There is a problem with the lifting table and it needs to be reset

When the electric lifting table cannot rise, it can be solved by resetting. Long press the "↓" key to lower the lifting table to the lowest position and press the "↓" key again to reset. The desktop rises slowly, indicating that the reset is successful.

3. The lifting rate of the dual motors of the lifting table is inconsistent

When the dual-motor electric lifting table cannot rise, it may also be due to excessive current, excessive unilateral load, damage to the lifting column, etc. If it cannot be solved by resetting, contact the manufacturer for after-sales processing.

4. The hand control of the lifting table is damaged

There is no problem with the lifting column of the electric lifting table itself, but if the hand control is damaged, it will also cause the phenomenon of failure to rise. You can contact the manufacturer to replace the hand control to solve it.

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