Learning standing Desk_Scientific Guide to Purchasing Learning Desk

Product name: learning lift table

Product features: can lift

Product specifications: regular

Product Category: Future Education Furniture

Product model:Learning Lift Table
This learning table has a simple design, with a lifting range of 550-750mm, suitable for children of multiple ages.

I don't know if you have such experience: I always hear the adults at home say that if she had paid more attention to learning sitting posture when she was a child, she would not have a hunchback now.
Therefore, many parents, when their children are still very young, begin to prepare to buy learning lifting tables and study chairs for their children. The purpose is to let their children cultivate good sitting habits and prevent myopia and hunchback.
Learning lift table has the following advantages:
1. Appearance design: At present, the study table designed for children is mostly pink and blue, which looks fresh and lovely.
2, multi-functional storage: learning tables are equipped with bookshelf function, with the growth of children, can meet the children's different reading habits.
3. Correct sitting posture: Children in the growth and development period do not have a good sitting posture, and it is easy to hunchback and myopia. Learning to lift the seat can adjust the child to an optimal sitting posture and maintain good learning according to the child's own height and learning habits. habit.

So do you know how to choose a learning lift table? Next, Xingwo to share a few choose lift learning table guide!
1. When selecting, choose those desktop design inclination angle of 12 degrees, when the child enters the reading state, the desktop inclination angle of 60 degrees of the learning table, which can ensure that the child's sitting posture is natural and straight, but also can let the child read and learn, the body is in a stretched state, protect eyesight.
2. The desktop of the study table is planned reasonably. There are special places for textbooks, stationery and desk lamps. The desktop storage function is set reasonably. The desktop is clean and tidy, and the children's thoughts are organized.
3. Choose a children's study table with a single color, because the color is too fancy and bright, it will distract the child's attention and cause the child's visual fatigue in learning. Not only can it not concentrate, but it is also bad for eyesight.
4. When purchasing, you must also choose the learning lifting table with environmental protection, because children's lifting resistance itself is poor, so the materials you purchase should also pay special attention to environmental protection.
OurLearning Lift TableBased on the design of human engineering, the use of environmentally friendly and healthy materials, inspirational to become a national professional children's lifting table brand.