The difference between single motor and dual motor of electric lift table

With the upsurge of electric lifting tables in the field of healthy office,Electric lifting tableThe products are also changing with each passing day. At present, the single-motor electric lifting table and the double-motor electric lifting table are more popular.

The single-motor lifting table is one less motor than the dual-motor lifting table, and the dual drive becomes a single drive, thereby reducing the corresponding configuration cost.

Advantages: the price is relatively cheap, the overall light;

Disadvantages: less style, load-bearing reduction;

As the name implies, dual motors are driven by two motors, which jointly drive the lifting columns on both sides, thus driving the table to achieve the lifting function.

Single motor as an electric lifting table entry is certainly no problem, but at the same time, single motor lifting table has the following advantages and disadvantages need everyone to know when purchasing.

Single motor lifting tableThat is, there is one less motor than the dual motor, and the dual drive becomes a single drive, thus reducing the corresponding configuration cost.

Contrast points:


The transmission rod of the single motor is basically exposed, and the noise is about 5 decibels larger than that of the double motor, and the resulting decibels are all tested to meet the standard.

2Bearing capacity

The torque of the motor is generally within a fixed range of values. When the dual motors are driven at the same time, it is 1 1=2 or greater than 2, while the single motor provides power to the two upright legs at the same time, and the transmission rod will cause some losses in the past, so the bearing capacity of the single motor will be relatively small.

3Lifting range

As an economical and practical model, the outer tube of the lifting column adopts two sections, and the lifting stroke is about 71-117. Considering the load-bearing capacity and balance force of the single motor, the relative lifting range will be appropriately reduced. Single motor electric lifting tables are strictly tested and qualified to leave the factory;

4: Other

Single motor and double motor in the service life, the degree of shaking are not much different, each product of the electric lifting table is strictly tested, in line with the industry and related standards, so that every consumer has a healthy office environment.

Single motor electric lifting table, more suitable for home office personal use; double motor electric lifting table can be applied: office office, home office, coffee shop, etc.

Generally speaking: whether it is a single motor or a double motor, there is always a product suitable for you.

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