How to choose standing desk?

Electric standing tables - originated in European and American countries. In recent years, with the development of our country's economy, more and more people are sitting and working, and they have begun to be introduced into the country, allowing many people to get a good experience.

Faced with various brands of lift desks, how should we choose an office lift desk that can meet our daily needs and is suitable for us? If you have the need to buy but don’t know how to choose, you can take a look together.

What is a height-adjustable desk?

To put it bluntly, a deak that can adjust the height of the desktop is a standing desk.

Some scholars examined the development history of furniture around the world and found that after humans walked upright, they found that sitting down was helpful in reducing fatigue during daily activities, and thus they invented sitting furniture.

But as people sit and work longer and longer, people gradually realize that sitting for long periods of time is not conducive to improving work efficiency. People begin to try alternating sit-stand office work, and gradually the height-adjustable desk appears. Office style has become a popular healthy way of working.

Types of lift tables

Non-automatic lift tables: The first lift tables that appeared were mostly manually lifted; their advantages are low price and no consumption of electricity or fuel;

But the disadvantage is that it requires some effort to lift or lower by hand cranking or pressing down, and it is relatively thin. There will be obvious shaking during the lifting and lowering process, and it may even knock over objects on the table. If you have enough budget, I personally don’t recommend buying it.

Automatic lifting table: The most popular modern lifting table is generally powered by electricity. It uses an electric motor to control the mechanical device to adjust the height of the lifting table, or controls the air rod or liquid rod through the compressor to adjust the height of the table; the advantage is that it consumes less electricity. , beautiful style, thick and stable, with a large lifting range; the disadvantage is that it is relatively expensive, but compared with the price of two to three thousand in foreign countries, the same domestic products appear to be of high quality and low price;

Desk lifting table: A small lifting table placed on a traditional desktop. It is generally lifted by gas springs. We will not introduce it in detail for the time being;

How to choose a height-adjustable table?

Most people will choose electric smart lifting tables, which are convenient, fast, stable and have many functions; so how to choose?

1. Look at the motor

After all, it is an electric lift, so the motor is a more important point. A good lifting system also determines the service life of the lift table. After all, it is something that is meant to be used for a long time, and no one wants it to “retire” prematurely.

There is also a distinction between single and double motors. A single motor is cheaper than a double motor, but a double motor has better stability, a larger load capacity, and more functionality. After all, you get what you pay for.

2. Steel frame structure

In terms of frame structure, most brands of lift tables are very stable. It mainly depends on the material of the steel frame. Most of them use 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plates. Some brands will mark the thickness of 2mm, but that is actually the thickness of the front and back protective paint on the surface. So ask clearly when purchasing.

The last and most concerning issue is the price. You can compare several products. The price is affordable. Of course, the more discounts, the better. The above is how to choose a height-adjustable desk that suits you.

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