Analysis of current situation and trends of China's smart furniture industry in 2023: Smart homes continue to drive smart furniture market demand(A)

Content overview: China's smart furniture industry has developed with the development of Internet technology, and the integration and evolution period of smart homes is particularly obvious. In terms of the market size of the domestic smart furniture industry, the domestic smart furniture market is growing year by year and continues to maintain a rapid growth rate. Data shows that the market size of China's smart furniture industry will reach 35.672 billion yuan in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 25.09%.


Keywords: smart furniture, furniture, smart home


1. Overview of smart furniture


Smart furniture is developed from traditional furniture. It integrates electronic intelligent control systems into furniture products on the basis of modern fashionable furniture, so that furniture products have the characteristics of automation and intelligence. Smart furniture can make people's home life change. Being more convenient and comfortable has become the main development trend of the furniture product industry in the future.


Smart furniture mainly includes three elements: traditional furniture, sensor braking, and control systems. The addition of sensor braking and control systems diversifies the structure and components of furniture. Smart furniture can be classified according to user age, material, structure, function, etc. Common smart furniture includes smart beds, smart office furniture, smart sofas, smart children's furniture, smart storage furniture, smart desktop furniture, etc. The types and functions of smart furniture are constantly enriched and extended.

2. Development background of smart furniture industry


China's smart home industry receives key support from national industrial policies and attaches great importance to governments at all levels. The country continues to promulgate a series of favorable policies related to smart home, using policy-driven + technology-driven + consumption-driven to promote consumption upgrades and industrial implementation, promote the development and innovation of the smart home industry, and empower the growth of smart home demand.

Smart home, also known as smart house, is based on the residence as a platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home-system design security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate home life-related facilities to build an efficient The management system for residential facilities and family schedule affairs improves home safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and achieves an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment. In recent years, the overall scale of the smart home industry has grown rapidly, and as smart home-related equipment has gradually become easier to use, its functions have become richer, the interconnection between products has continued to develop, and the smart home equipment ecosystem has gradually improved. Data shows that, In 2022, the market size of China's smart home industry will be approximately 620 billion yuan.

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