Analysis of current situation and trends of China's smart furniture industry in 2023: Smart homes continue to drive smart furniture market demand(B)

3. Smart furniture industry chain


The upstream of the smart furniture industry is wood, metal materials, plastics, integrated circuits, electronic components, etc.; the midstream is the smart furniture industry; the downstream is individual consumers, hotels and other commercial customers. Specifically, the downstream of the smart furniture industry mainly includes buyers of commercial housing, consumers of secondary decoration of old houses, hotels, etc. In addition, there are intelligent office furniture for office spaces; intelligent public furniture for public spaces, such as train stations and bank trading halls.

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4. Analysis of current situation of smart furniture industry


China's smart furniture industry has developed with the development of Internet technology, and the integration and evolution period of smart homes is particularly obvious. In terms of the market size of the domestic smart furniture industry, the domestic smart furniture market is growing year by year and continues to maintain a rapid growth rate. Data shows that the market size of China's smart furniture industry will reach 35.672 billion yuan in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 25.09%.

In terms of market supply and demand, the output of the domestic smart furniture industry is far greater than the demand, and export demand is urgent. Data shows that the output and demand of China's smart furniture industry in 2022 will be 23.166 and 13.151 million units respectively, a year-on-year increase of 12.7% and 18.7% respectively. In terms of product segmentation, there are many types of smart furniture products. Currently, they are mainly focused on some highly functional furniture, including functional sofas, smart massage chairs, smart mattresses and other products. In 2022, the demand for high-end smart furniture products such as smart TV cabinets and smart wardrobes will be 34,500 and 29,300 units respectively, the demand for mid-range products smart mattresses and smart massage chairs will be 1.177 million and 1.859 million units respectively, and the demand for mass products such as functional sofas will be The demand for other smart furniture is about 9.998 million, and the demand for other smart furniture is about 53,100.

In terms of market prices, with the maturity of technology and the expansion of production and sales scale, the overall price of industry products has shown a significant downward trend. However, due to changes in the demand structure for consumption upgrades, the demand for some high-priced products has increased significantly, which has promoted the overall average price of industry products to show a significant upward trend. Data shows that the average price of China's smart furniture market in 2022 will be approximately 2,700 yuan per piece.