The development status of China's linear drive industry in 2023: The domestic linear drive market is still in the market growth stage, and the product cost performance has certain advantages.(C)

5. Analysis of the development status of China’s linear drive industry


At present, the domestic linear drive market is still in the market growth stage, and most manufacturing companies are relatively small in scale, but they are developing rapidly. With their product cost-effectiveness and rapid response advantages, they have gradually gained the trust of major domestic and foreign customers, and their business scope and Market share continues to expand. Domestic linear drive products are mainly used in electric hospital beds, nursing beds, ICU beds, dental chairs, electric wheelchairs, beauty beds, massage appliances and other fields. According to data, the market size of China's linear drive industry has increased from 2.65 billion yuan in 2015 to 6.481 billion yuan in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.63% during the period.

Among the main downstream application markets of linear drives, as the aging process accelerates and residents' health awareness increases, the medical device market continues to grow. Therefore, the market size of linear drive products in the medical and health care fields continues to rise steadily; in the field of smart offices, my country's lifting office The penetration rate of table linear drive products continues to increase, and the demand continues to grow; in the field of smart home, due to its many product types, the demand for linear drive related supporting products is large and diverse, and the market has huge potential. According to data, China's linear drive industry demand will be approximately 4.8007 million sets in 2022, with an average price of approximately 1,361 yuan/set.

6. Market competition pattern of China’s linear drive industry


my country's linear drive industry started in the early 21st century. So far, it has formed a group of companies led by Jiechang Drive, Zhejiang Xinyi Control System Co., Ltd., Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haojiang Electric Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Lihai Electric Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a local enterprise with leading advantages represented by the company. At present, the domestic linear drive market is still in the market growth stage, and most manufacturing companies are relatively small in scale. Therefore, there is large room for growth in the domestic linear drive market. my country's linear drive industry has made great progress, but domestic products are mainly mid- to low-end, and are relatively deficient in product design and brand awareness.

Xinyi Drive is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, and sales of intelligent linear drive control systems. The company has formed three major product systems: medical care, smart office, and smart home. As a leading enterprise in the domestic industry, it provides services to the world. Provide specialized intelligent control and transmission solutions for medical rehabilitation, elderly care, smart home and other related industries, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of linear drive systems. The principle of linear drive is to transmit instructions to the mechanical structure through the control system, so that the circular motion of the motor is converted into the linear motion of the push rod, thereby achieving the effect of pushing, pulling, lifting and lowering heavy objects. The linear drive systems produced by the company can be widely used in medical care, smart office, smart home and other fields. The main products can be divided into medical care drive systems, smart office drive systems and smart home control systems according to application fields.

7. Future development trends of China’s linear drive industry


1. The continuous emergence of new technologies provides opportunities and motivation for the development of the intelligent linear drive industry.


Technology is the driving force for the deepening development of the industry. In recent years, with the gradual maturity and commercial implementation of new technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, new technologies have effectively promoted the in-depth integration of traditional manufacturing and intelligence. In the traditional linear drive industry, it is reflected in the iteration of intelligent linear drive products from "electrification" to "intelligent", thus continuously amplifying the advantages of the linear drive industry in intelligence, automation and other aspects. The continuous emergence of new technologies and their application in the manufacturing field have brought good development opportunities and development momentum to the intelligent linear drive industry.


2. Economic development and increased purchasing power have brought about an upgrade in residents’ consumption concepts, providing a broad market for the development of the intelligent linear drive industry.


With the steady and rapid growth of my country's national economy in recent years, the income level and purchasing power of my country's residents have continued to increase, accompanied by a structural upgrade of residents' consumption concepts. The needs of a large part of consumers have gone beyond traditional concepts such as durability and durability, and are instead pursuing more intelligent, automated, multi-functional and personalized products in the fields of home, medical care, elderly care, office and other fields. Such products are expected to become domestic products in the future. The main product types consumed are followed by the continuous expansion of the market in smart home, smart medical care, smart office and other fields.

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