The development status of China's linear drive industry in 2023: The domestic linear drive market is still in the market growth stage, and the product cost performance has certain advantages.(B)

3. Industrial chain


The main raw materials of linear drive products include sheet metal parts, electronic components, steel, etc., so its upstream industries are mainly manufacturing industries such as steel, electrolytic aluminum, polymers, and hardware accessories. The downstream can be widely used in medical care, smart office, smart home and other fields, and the final customer is the end consumer. Different from industrial products, the innovation, sales model, macroeconomic prosperity, residents' disposable income, brand awareness, etc. of consumer products are all related to consumer demand. At present, affected by factors such as my country's aging population, promotion of smart cities, and healthy offices, downstream market demand is showing a rapid upward trend.

Chinese linear drive products are mainly used in the office field, medical rehabilitation field, smart home and other fields. At present, the smart home field accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for 52.96%, followed by the medical rehabilitation field, accounting for 27.07%, and finally 19.97%. The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 will promote the development of the office field. In the future, linear drives will be used in the office field. There is more room for development.


4. Analysis of the development status of the global linear drive industry


The linear drive industry is widely used abroad, especially in Europe and the United States, which are relatively mature. Therefore, foreign companies have developed earlier, already have high brand effect and complete distribution channels, and have obvious first-mover advantages. At present, linear drive products have penetrated into the fields of office, medical, home, auto parts, industrial automation and other fields. As people's requirements for the convenience, intelligence and network of consumer goods increase, their application fields are constantly expanding, and downstream Demand is growing day by day. This has driven the global linear drive industry market size to continue to rise. According to data, the global linear drive industry market size in 2022 will be approximately US$4.83 billion.

Development status of China's linear drive industry