The development status of China's linear drive industry in 2023: The domestic linear drive market is still in the market growth stage, and the product cost performance has certain advantages.(A)

Content overview: In the field of smart office, the penetration rate of linear drive products for liftable desks in my country continues to increase, and the demand continues to grow; in the field of smart home, due to its many product types, the demand for linear drive related supporting products is large and diverse. , the market has huge potential to be tapped. According to data, China's linear drive industry demand will be approximately 4.8007 million sets in 2022, with an average price of approximately 1,361 yuan/set.

1. Overview of Linear Drive


Linear drive is a transmission device that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. It can be seen as a rotating motor cut into radial sections and flattened.


Linear drive is also called linear motor, linear motor, linear motor, and push rod motor. The most commonly used types of linear motors are flat plate and U-channel, and tube. The typical composition of the coil is three phases, and brushless commutation is achieved by Hall elements.


Linear drives can be classified into various categories based on their operating principles and characteristics. Electric linear actuators use electric motors to achieve motion, while pneumatic actuators convert gas pressure into linear motion through pneumatic components. Hydraulic actuators use hydraulic force to produce linear motion, while electromagnetic drives use electromagnetic fields to achieve corresponding motion. Electromagnetic induction actuators are based on the principle of induction, while electromagnetic levitation linear actuators levitate and push objects through electromagnetic force. Other methods such as belt, screw, and gear transmission are also used in linear systems, while electromagnetic thrusters are mainly used in aerospace. Selecting the appropriate linear driver should consider the specific application needs, load, and accuracy requirements.


2. Policy


In recent years, as the country's policy support for the intelligent manufacturing industry has continued to increase, the intelligent linear drive system industry, as a sub-industry of intelligent manufacturing, has also been favored by relevant policies. The "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a National Unified Market" proposed to promote the unification of standards in smart home, security and other fields, and explore the establishment of a smart standard equipment identification system. Accelerate the formulation of national unified standards and safety regulations for facial recognition, finger vein, iris and other intelligent recognition systems to drive the healthy development of the linear drive industry.

Development status of China's linear drive industry