Is the lift table easy to use? Can you burn calories while working while standing? Analyzing the 5 major advantages of height-adjustable desks

If you are a person who sits and works for a long time, you must also have these problems: shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, fat butt and thighs, and enlarged belly. Sitting for long periods of time not only causes fat accumulation and muscle loss, but also increases the risk of chronic diseases.


To combat sedentary soreness and weight gain, in addition to dietary adjustments and exercise, you have another option: stand and work. This is why more and more people are choosing to use lift desks, because they allow you to freely change your standing and sitting postures while working. Regularly changing postures and sitting for a short period of time is not only helpful for physical health, but also helps to think clearly and improve work efficiency.


This article will introduce the five major advantages of height-adjustable desks. I hope it will make you understand the many benefits of working while standing and join the ranks of using height-adjustable desks!


Advantage 1: Improve posture and reduce physical fatigue
The height of the lift table can be adjusted, allowing you to switch freely between sitting and standing, which helps improve your sitting posture and reduce physical fatigue. The height of most commercially available desktops is 75 centimeters, which is actually too high for most people! Everyone's height is different, and the suitable desktop height is also very different. Using a height-adjustable desk can keep the computer screen at the correct height, helping to reduce the pressure on your shoulders, neck, and eyes.


Advantage 2: Working while standing can burn more calories
do you know? Standing for an hour can burn 9 more calories than sitting for an hour! If you stand for an extra two hours a day, you'll burn an extra 126 calories a week. Of course, this does not mean that you can lose weight just by standing, but with the help of exercise and diet, you can reduce the time you spend sitting for a long time every day. Use standing to promote blood circulation, help body metabolism, and burn calories while working.


Advantage 3: Improve work productivity and efficiency
Can height-adjustable desks improve productivity? This is not just talk, on the one hand, changing posture can reduce physical fatigue, and on the other hand, standing work can promote blood circulation, thereby improving concentration and concentration. When you doze off due to fatigue, you must often hear people advise you: "Stand up and move!" This is the truth.


We have also heard feedback from customers that he will use standing work after lunch and when he wakes up from lunch break, which not only helps digest food, but also wakes up quickly and helps him get into work mode.


Advantage 4: Suitable for a variety of working environments, super versatile
The lifting table is not only suitable for office work, but can also be used in various environments. For example, many of our customers buy it to use as a "dining table" or "cooking table". For example, when cooking food, a relatively high table is needed, and when dining, With a lower height, the height-adjustable table can be used in both situations. There is no need to buy two tables or one to solve the problem.


At the same time, such as: artist's studio, laboratory, children's room, mixing room, etc., the height-adjustable table can also be perfectly matched to meet all situations where you need to adjust the height.


Advantage 5: Super wide range of uses, waiting for you to discover
Lift tables also have many countless advantages. For example, you don’t have to lie down on the ground to adjust the main unit. The table can be set by raising it. There are even customers who use lift tables to "stretch and exercise at home."


Notice! Please make sure there is enough space, the weight does not exceed 100kg, and the screws of the lifting table are tightened before use to avoid safety issues. If the table is bent or the lift table has problems due to improper use, it will not be covered by the FUNTE warranty.


The above summarizes the five major advantages of a height-adjustable desk. If you are a worker who needs to sit for a long time and use a computer for a long time, then I sincerely recommend that you must buy a height-adjustable desk. It not only helps with physical health, but also speeds up work efficiency. More advantages and usage methods of the height-adjustable desk are waiting for you to discover!

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