Taking stock of the four common types of height-adjustable desks, which one do you prefer?

You should see these things related to lifting in life: lifting windows of cars, electric lifting mahjong tables, etc. Lifting designs can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. It provides convenience for our lives, so in In the office field, there are more and more lifting elements. Let's take a look at one of the lifting elements used in the office--lifting desks. There are mainly the following types.

1. Hand-operated lift table
A hand-cranked desk raises or lowers the desktop by manually rotating the handle of the desk. This kind of lifting desk does not consume electricity, so it has the advantage of saving energy. It is safe to use and simple to operate. However, due to the small manual force, the lifting speed is relatively slow and the lifting range is also limited. Therefore, this type of lift desk is not suitable for use in large areas in the office, but it is suitable for personal use.

2. Manual lift table
Most of these lift desks are equipped with buttons. By rotating the button, the desktop can be tilted or raised, but the amplitude of the tilt and rise will be relatively small, making it suitable for personal work. There is also a table with grooves designed on the legs, which requires the user to lift it manually, which is very laborious. It is more suitable for children who are still growing and can be adjusted according to their height changes. However, since office workers do not use this kind of table, So it does not fall into the scope of height-adjustable desks

3.Electronically controlled lift table
This kind of lifting desk realizes electronically controlled lifting through buttons. Generally, the lifting range is relatively large. Moreover, the advanced electronically controlled lifting desk has functions such as silent lifting and recording of commonly used heights, which is very convenient. The electric lift table does not consume electricity and the lifting speed is much faster than the first two. Although the price is slightly higher than the first two, it is cost-effective, saves time and effort, and meets the needs of work, so it is welcomed by the majority of working people.

4. Lifting platform
This kind of lifting desk is very simple to use and does not require installation. It can be placed directly on the original desk. It is very convenient to use and relatively cheap, so it is also very popular among working people.

Among the above four types of lifting desks, the latter two are more widely used and more popular. Because of its great convenience and practicality, lift desks are currently widely used in work. Which one do you prefer?

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