Simplicity: employee desk style

The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the participation of personnel. In this era where more and more attention is paid to the psychological needs of users, enterprises have also begun to pay attention to the mentality of employees. It has become increasingly difficult for enterprises to recruit. Many people no longer choose to work in one company. Eventually, the working cycle in a company becomes very short, population mobility increases, and some people have experience working in multiple companies.

Providing them with a comfortable office environment and providing logistical support for employees, starting with basic employee desks, may help retain some of the talents the company needs.

A company is in an old factory area, and the light is not very good. At eleven o'clock in the morning, the entire office area is still dim. When you enter the other party's office area, it is all office furniture from the last century. The desk has begun to peel and age. The paint is cracked. Because it has been in a dark and humid environment for a long time, the corners of the desk have been severely corroded and damaged, and the wooden chairs are also creaking and shaking.

When I return to my office, it is indeed a different environment. Different from the aging staff desks in the former, the staff desks here are all modular office furniture, independent and connected to each other. The desks are separated by steel screens. , the spaces are independent, and at the same time connected to each other with steel screens. Communication and interaction between colleagues are not blocked, and privacy is also guaranteed.

Different from the previous desk designs, the current desk designs are becoming more and more simple, with simple straight lines intersecting and splicing with each other, without too many twists and turns, and there are few seal carvings and hollows. All designs pursue simplicity. The design concept, simple design is integrated into our daily office, but simplicity is not simple, it is just "simple" in appearance, but the core of our products is exquisitely conceived, paying tribute to the ancient Chinese "mortise and tenon structure" through imitation, "glue" parts tightly together

While the design is simple, it does not simply reduce the quality of employee desks. Xinyi has always paid attention to the end-user experience.


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