Multi-person staff standing desk

In the past office space, the desks of employees in the past were basically arranged in rows and uniformly in the shape of fish scales, which is also in line with traditional Chinese concepts. Just like primary school students lining up, one following the other, and the people behind are looking at the back of the head of the person in front. There are big problems in communication and interaction between each other, and face-to-face communication cannot be achieved. Of course, in that era, it may not be necessary There is so much cooperation and collaboration, everyone does their own thing, step by step.

But as Adam Smith wrote in the first chapter of "The Wealth of Nations" "On the Division of Labor", if one person does all the processes, he may make a decent needle in a day, but if the division of labor is implemented , let everyone perform their duties, and one person may be able to do as much work as one person in a year in one day.

The current ever-increasing pace of work makes the division of labor particularly important, and therefore cooperation and communication between various types of work become more and more important. The modern employee desk is based on this, transforming the fixed-position employee desk into a workstation that can be deformed and combined in any way. In this way, communication and interaction become diverse, you can communicate face to face, and you can see each other when you look up. , at the same time, the fun of office has also increased.

The American-style employee desks developed by Xinyi are like snowflakes, which can be combined in any combination in multiple dimensions. Between the desks, metal stands are used to fix and interlock with each other. Single-person employee desks that are originally independent of each other are formed. There are various angles of workstations, such as 90-degree four-person workstations, 120-degree three-person workstations, and long multi-person combination workstations like centipedes. Employee desks have become more flexible and flexible, the circulation of the entire office has become clearer and more flexible, and space utilization has also been greatly improved. More employees can be accommodated in the originally limited office space. Even if new employees enter, they can also pass through Change the layout of the workstation and replace it with a stand at a different angle, and you can "squeeze out" a new workstation.

The growing needs of employees for communication have also indirectly triggered innovations and breakthroughs in employee desks. In limited office space, we have been working hard to allow more office workers to have their own flexible and comfortable workstations. The pursuit of realization.

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