Office standing desk

In a company, the important assets are not the things you can own, not equipment or data, not even intellectual property, but the people - the human capital - that can make or break a business. This is why most companies spend so much money to encourage the health and well-being of their employees.

Sitting for long periods of time is one of the major problems people face while working in offices.

The way most companies try to solve this problem is to purchase a height-adjustable desk for them. But are height-adjustable tables really the answer? Drawing on our many years of experience, we provide you with advice on how to best use these methods, as well as common mistakes employees make when using them for the first time.

1. Can elevating desks/elevating workbenches solve the problem of office workers sitting for too long?

The problem isn't sitting for too long, it's that people aren't moving enough. What height-adjustable desks do is give people the opportunity to stop sitting all day. Furniture is an inanimate object. Getting a new table doesn’t guarantee anything. That’s why it’s so important to educate employees on proper usage. Companies need to invest in some knowledge and training so that they can apply it better in the future to create more value at work.

2. What mistakes do companies make when purchasing height-adjustable desks/elevating workbenches?

They are not educated on how to use these workstations. One study showed that when employees were trained on how to use the desks properly and educated on the importance of movement and what it meant for physical health, they actually improved their performance and productivity with these desks. And when the education they provide is inadequate, most people don't use the desks correctly.

3. So, how to use the lift desk correctly?

When you have a stand-stand desk, you should change positions approximately every 20 minutes. Use it to go from sitting to standing and back. Some people may prefer to stand half the day and sit the other half. this is not right. Both sitting and standing for long periods of time are harmful to your health.

4. Is exercising multiple times a week enough to offset the amount of time a person spends sitting all day?

no. People who go to the gym five times a week think they don't need to be on their feet all day, but research shows that even if they might go for an hour a day, these small exercises aren't enough. To stay healthy, we need to exercise regularly.

5. Is height-adjustable desk one of the ways for companies to change office mobility?

There are other ways to increase activity levels in the workplace, such as stand-up and walking meetings. Some companies have done this very well. They have blocked the floors where employees work. So if someone works on the 16th floor, the company will prohibit him from entering on the 15th/16th/17th floor through access control, so that he can only get off the elevator on the 14th or 18th floor. This means they take the stairs to get to their floor.

6. What is our advice to a company opening a new office?

In most work places, there are employees who use computers regularly and for long periods of time. Everyone needs to buy a height-adjustable desk, and we should pay attention to their health.

7. What are the other benefits of purchasing this type of workstation?

They allow for less space compared to other workstations. If an employee primarily uses their computer and rarely other devices, a height-adjustable desk will take up less space than an L-shaped workstation, and the office rent will be significantly lower.

8. What common mistakes do companies make when purchasing these height-adjustable tables?

What they don’t know is that not all desks are the same. Most businesses just like to buy cheap desks that are not necessarily suitable for their employees.

9. What are the common reasons why people are reluctant to use their stand-stand desks?

speed. Sometimes the time it takes to get from low to high can make people reluctant to use them. Cheaper tables tend to be slower and noisier, which may make people feel embarrassed about disturbing others with the noise.


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