Malfunction of pusher motor of range hood.

If the power cord is disconnected or the connector is off-welded, carefully find out the disconnection point or off-welded joint and re-weld it;

If the on-off switch is open or the contact is poor, check whether the circuit breaker is welded well, and replace it with a new one if the contact is poor;

The capacity of the starting capacitor of the motor is reduced or it is short-circuited or open-circuited, which requires replacing the capacitor with the same specification to make the motor run;

The variable speed coil is open or short-circuited, and the variable speed coil is repaired or replaced with new products;

The bearing is damaged and stuck on the rotating shaft, so the bearing must be replaced;

The stator winding is short-circuited or the connecting wire is broken. Repair the stator winding or replace it with a new one.

Improper assembly makes the fan blade loose and touches the air guide frame to generate abnormal sound, so re-assemble and tighten the fan blade fastening nail correctly;

The motor bearing is seriously worn, so the bearing of the same model must be replaced;

If the motor is poorly assembled, correct the gap between the stator and rotor of the motor to make it even. If there is axial movement, appropriate washers should be added;

The deformation of the fan blades is unbalanced, correct the fan blades, and adjust the dynamic and static balance of the fan blades;

The design of air outlet pipeline is unreasonable. The air outlet pipe should turn as little as possible, and the turn should be large and round.