What are the common problems of lifting table?

With the popularity of the Internet era, more and more workers are sitting at computer desks, but it also leads to a certain degree of injury to cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae after sedentary. Therefore, many people try to use furniture to change this situation. Among them, the electric lifting table is loved by many consumers and has become the best choice for many people to study and work. However, while the electric lifting table brings us a healthy office life, it will also encounter many difficult problems.

1. The double-motor electric lifting table is out of synchronization;

This may be caused by current or lack of leveling during installation. If it is caused by current, press the reset key to reset to the original state. If it is not installed properly, the electric table needs to be lowered and reset, and then the lifting table legs need to be removed and installed;

2, can't rise and fall within half a year:

First of all, we should check whether the place where it is placed is often wet and causes heavy moisture. If it is placed in a damp place, water vapor may corrode the internal structure of the table legs. In this case, the lifting table legs should be disassembled to check whether the lifting is smooth and whether there is rust. It is suggested that when using electric lifting table, it should be placed in a dry place as far as possible;

3, steel rust:

This problem should be solved directly from the seller. The general lifting table steel frame is stainless steel, and there is basically no possibility of rust. Exclusion in a dry environment, if this happens, it should be a problem of product quality.