Classification of lifting tables

There are three kinds of lifting tables, one is automatic lifting table, that is, electric lifting table; Second, non-automatic lifting table, also known as mechanical lifting table; The third is the lifting table on the table.

Automatic lifting table (electric lifting table)

The automatic lifting table is generally powered by electricity, and the height of the lifting table is adjusted by controlling the mechanical device by the motor.

Advantages: wide lifting range, time-saving and labor-saving, and easy operation.

Disadvantages: the price is the highest among the three kinds of lifting tables, and it is very dependent on the lifting system, that is, the motor.

Non-automatic lifting table (mechanical lifting table)

The non-automatic lifting table is simplified in the automatic lifting table, which saves the motor or compressor and adjusts the height of the table by manpower.

Advantages: the price is cheaper than the automatic lifting table, and no electricity is needed.

Disadvantages: the lifting range is small, and it takes a little effort and time to lift.

Table lifting table

The lifting table on the table means that it is placed on the desktop or the workbench. With the help of gas spring, lifting can be realized by hand.

Advantages: the price is the cheapest among the three, and you don't need to buy a new table, you can directly transform it on the original table.

Disadvantages: the lifting range is the smallest of the three.

The choice of lifting table depends on everyone's budget. Choose a lifting table suitable for your wallet. If the budget is enough, I suggest you start with the electric lifting table, because the electric lifting table is so convenient and practical.