Does your desk height match your height? An analysis of the reasons why your backache gets worse as you sit more. You may have chosen the wrong table!

Are you a worker who needs to use the computer for a long time? Do you often work to the point of having back pain or numb hands?


In the past, we often thought that these aches and pains were caused by poor sitting posture. As long as we sit upright and have a straight waist, we can avoid aches and pains. But this is not the case. The real cause of shoulder and neck pain among office workers is actually the “desk”.

Is your posture wrong? Common causes of aches and pains among office workers are caused by "desktop height"

Physiotherapist Sunguts said in the video "Office workers' shoulder and neck pains are caused by their desks!" ? " said that he once encountered patients who thought they were sitting upright, but still often suffered from shoulder and neck pain and numbness in their hands. After asking, he discovered that the problem was not sitting upright, but muscle inflammation caused by the incorrect height of the tabletop.

When the height of the desk is too high, your hands will "shrug" when you put your hands flat on the table. It is not without reason that you will be sore when you work for 8 hours with your shoulders shrugged and muscles exerted. The correct posture is to keep your arms flat on the table at 90 degrees when sitting, with the table and elbows at the same height, allowing the muscles of the shoulders, neck and back to relax. Speaking of which, have you found that the table you usually use is too high?


A desk that is too high or too low is not good, 2 steps to find the ideal height that suits you best

The height of the desk is too high, which is a problem encountered by most office workers and those working from home. The height of tables in Taiwan is generally 75 centimeters. Whether it is a table sold in a furniture store or a hypermarket, or it is custom-made by a designer or system furniture. Most of the choices are usually around 70 centimeters, but in fact this is more suitable for height. 180 people use the height.

Everyone's height and body shape are different, and the suitable desktop height is of course also different. It is impossible to use a fixed height to fit everyone's body shape.


Here are two ways to easily find the ideal desktop height:

1. Bend your elbow 90 degrees to find the desktop height that best suits you.

The simplest way to measure is to sit and bend your elbows at 90 degrees. The table height that allows your arms to lie flat at 90 degrees is the height that suits you best. If you want to work comfortably, you need to make the table conform to your body shape and natural sitting posture, rather than hunching or shrugging your shoulders and letting your body adapt to the table!


2. According to the height comparison table, compare the desktop height that suits your body shape.

There are many formulas on the Internet for calculating desktop height based on height. The following directly summarizes the desktop height corresponding to each height for you, and the height will also be different in different usage scenarios.


For example, when writing or reading, you will need a higher desktop; when working with a screen and keyboard, you will need a lower desktop that allows your hands to be placed vertically. For a person who is also 160cm tall, the most suitable desktop height range will be 62~67cm depending on the usage situation.


If you don't know which height is suitable for you, you may wish to refer to this table. However, everyone's body shape is different, and there will be some differences in the appropriate height. It is best to actually sit and experience it to see which height makes it more comfortable for you. This will be more accurate!


Now that you know the height that suits you, where should you find the corresponding table?

After understanding the most suitable height for your body shape, the next question you will definitely encounter is "Where can I find a table of the same height?" Almost all tables sold on the market have a fixed height, unless you hire a system cabinet. The manufacturer makes it tailor-made, otherwise it will be difficult for you to find a table that meets the requirements.


"Height-lifting table" is a product that can solve all problems. Whether you need a tabletop a few centimeters high or have family members of different heights who want to use the table at the same time, the height-adjustable table can meet everyone's needs and can be adjusted to the most suitable height. It is said to be one of the most convenient inventions in modern times.


Correct sitting posture + a desk that fits your body shape will help you get rid of back pain and work healthily!

I hope this article can help you understand the causes of back pain among office workers and help you find the desk that best suits your height. People work for 8 hours a day, and will work at least 80,000 hours in a lifetime. If you are an office worker who needs to sit for a long time, you must not ignore the long-term effects of poor posture. Don’t wait until your hands are sore and numb to click the mouse. Only then did I realize the seriousness of the problem.


By choosing a suitable desk and chair and maintaining a correct sitting posture, you can work healthily and comfortably every day without any back pain!