How to improve shoulder, neck and lower back pain caused by bad sitting posture?

After sitting in the office for a long time, do you often feel stiff shoulders and necks, obvious back pain when you stand up, and lack of oxygen to the head and drowsiness when you sit down?


Wait! Don’t rush to blame it on metabolism and age. There may be something wrong with your sitting posture!


The following will show you:

Typical causes of pain caused by poor sitting posture
What is good sitting posture
How to improve these conditions

What is good sitting posture
Good sitting posture can not only reduce shoulder and neck pain, but also reduce the occurrence of lower back pain. So what is good sitting posture?


First, you need to keep your back straight and add a lumbar support to your waist for added support.


Next, let your shoulders relax naturally without hunching them, and add a support under your elbow.

The height of the table should also be adjusted to a height that is comfortable for your hands and wrists.


Finally, the height of the screen should be at eye level so that the weight of the head can be supported by the cervical spine with the least effort.


Why choose an electric table?
To prevent fatigue and injuries caused by poor sitting posture and long-term sitting, in addition to reducing the burden on the body by maintaining a good sitting posture and changing postures every thirty minutes, what is more important is the office environment, and the desk is one of the keys!


In the process of choosing a desk, it is often limited by its height. When buying it, it can sit down and write well. However, after buying the computer, I found that the line of sight was much higher than the screen, so I had to spend a lot of money to buy it again. Elevated accessories.


The most important function of the electric table is the ability to adjust the height freely.


In the sitting posture, we can adjust it according to the individual's physical condition, so that everyone can find a good sitting posture that suits them without having to compromise on the original height of the table, which in turn leads to bad posture and shoulder, neck, and lower back problems. pain.


After sitting for more than 30 minutes, we can adjust the height of the electric desk and let ourselves stand up to use the computer. This can increase the contraction of the lower limb muscles and blood circulation, and at the same time change the posture and reduce the occurrence of stiffness.


When choosing an electric table, you can consider the following factors: whether the height adjustment range is sufficient, whether the operation is easy, how stable it is, and the suitability of the desktop material.


Remember, choosing the right electric desk is one of the important steps in improving your sitting posture and alleviating shoulder, neck, and lower back pain. Let's make changes for our own health and enjoy a comfortable and healthy working life.

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