Introduction to the core configuration of the standing table, how to choose the material of the motor, table plate, table frame, and table legs

The approximate structure of the lifting table is made upMotor,Table boardTable frame, table legs, etc. Choose to lift the table before a detailed understanding of these core configurations, in order to buy according to their own situation and demand to start.

Motor: Dual motor VS single motor Dual motor is more stable, faster lifting, less noise, and higher price; single motor is affordable and meets basic use.

Leg: three-segment VS two-segment three-segment leg lifting height range is greater than the two-segment leg lifting height range
Bearing strength: the bearing strength of the electric lifting table is an important factor affecting the stability of the table. It is recommended that you buy a table with a load of more than 70kg. Make sure you can rely on the table without worry when stacking things and standing on a daily basis.

Table frame material: table frame material and structure is the key to ensure stability. The stability of the cold-rolled steel table is at the leading level and is a closed-eye option.

Table board material: the mainstream plate generally has solid wood, slate, environmental protection board, tempered glass and so on. In terms of price, solid wood and slate are more expensive, environmentally friendly boards are cost-effective, and glass is cheaper. In terms of environmental protection level, E0>E1>E2.

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