Understand these 4 questions first before you consider changing to an electric lift table!

Now, more and more companies are choosing to use electric lifting tables. Today we will talk to you about four common problems.

1. Noise

In a general office environment, the volume of an electric lift table is usually kept at around 45-60 decibels, and these volumes are negligible in an office environment. However, it should be noted that if it is used in a quiet environment, ask clearly before purchasing and ask the supplier to provide relevant decibel test reports. Avoid using unqualified motors to cause excessive noise from the lifting platform.

2. Failure rate

Motor failure will cause the electric lift table to hover at an awkward height and cannot be reset. A qualified electric lift table must undergo at least 5,000-10,000 lifting cycle tests without failure.

3. Load-bearing capacity

It is highly recommended that you use an electric lifting table with overload protection function. Once the equipment exceeds its recommended weight, the performance will be greatly reduced. A lifting table with overload protection function will only lose a small part of the lifting speed when it is fully loaded. , without affecting other performance.

4.Adjust height

Some can only provide a lifting range of 730mm-1230mm, which greatly limits the ergonomic effectiveness for users of different height groups. It is recommended to use an electric lifting table with an adjustable height within the range of 625mm-1250mm.

Some companies buy electric lift tables online and assemble them themselves after making their own plans. However, the height-adjustable desk is not an ordinary office furniture. It involves many complex factors such as early planning, power supply layout, wiring, and safety. Therefore, it is a good choice to find a team with overall solution capabilities.

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