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The 28th CIFF Shanghai Exhibition opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center at 9: 00 a.m. on September 11. Nearly 2600 exhibitors gathered at the scene, and there was an endless stream of visitors, and the exhibition area was crowded with people.

Xinyi Intelligence is located this timeN5G63Pavilion, with new products unveiled at the exhibition.

Since Xinyi successfully developed the electric lifting table in 2002 and exported to Northern Europe, it has been deeply engaged in the electric lifting table industry for more than 20 years, with profound industrial technology, obvious product characteristics and complete varieties and specifications. Over the years, it has served a large number of first-class customers in Europe and the United States.

Over the years, the company has formed a large-scale professional manufacturing base for the whole industry chain from the basic raw materials entering the factory to the finished product lifting table leaving the factory. It has built a number of industry-leading automatic production lines, equipped with laser cutting production lines, welding robots and integrated plastic spraying production lines, so that customers can get higher quality assurance and faster delivery efficiency.

In this exhibition, the introduction of new products-learning table has attracted the attention of the industry.

The research and development team has devoted themselves to research and built a learning table that can be used from childhood to adulthood. It is considerate, practical, stable and lifted to accompany children's learning and growth. It is made of thick carbon steel and uses electrostatic plastic spraying technology. The overall load-bearing table has no pressure and can be used at ease.

Other parts of the exhibition area:


The five-day exhibition is still in full swing. Today is the fourth day of the CIFF exhibition...

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