What should be the lifespan of an electric height-adjustable desk?

Xinyi has been producing electric lift tables for 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge about electric lift tables. Let’s roughly summarize what factors affect the service life of electric lift tables.

The most critical piece of equipment for an electric lift table is the motor. Without it, the electric lift table cannot be raised or lowered. The lifespan of an electric lift table varies depending on the quality, quantity and frequency of use of the motor.

1. Quality of the motor

There will be many price differences between items with the same design on the market, and the same is true for the prices of electric lift tables. Produced in small workshops or processed on behalf of others, low-quality materials are used, and the manufacturing cost of motors is low. The service life of motors is between 1 month and 2 years. Motors independently developed by brands or German motors have corresponding patent certifications and are used after multiple functional tests. The service life is 5-10 years, and even longer if properly maintained.

2. Number of motors

The number of motors also has a great impact on the service life of the electric lift table. Common ones on the market include single-motor lift tables and dual-motor lift tables. Under normal circumstances, the life of a dual-motor lift table will be longer than that of a single motor. The same premise also depends on the quality of the motor.

A single motor relies on a single motor to drive the connecting rod for lifting and lowering, and the motor needs to produce double the force. Dual motors are bilateral motors that drive the lift. Each of the two motors contributes a force and the loss is small.

3. Frequency of use

Different groups have different needs for the lifting function. The most common groups that need to adjust the height of the desk are people who sit for long periods of time, such as text workers, programmers, painters, etc., who need to adjust the height multiple times a day to give their bodies a Relax and relieve the fatigue caused by sitting for a long time.

Friends who use it frequently are recommended to choose a dual-motor electric lift table with good motor quality, so that the electric lift table will not become a table that cannot be lifted in the next 1-2 months. At the same time, you can check the warranty when choosing an electric lift table. Xinyi's electric lift table enjoys a 5-year warranty. At the same time, the motor is independently developed and produced by the brand and has patent certification, which is a good choice.

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